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Welcome to XFactoryRC.com, where you’ll find all of X Factory's kits parts and
accessories: The X – 6 Squared, the X – 60, and everything in between! We also
carry all the Losi & AE parts that fit our cars. If you are looking for information
about electric off-road racing, visit your interest on the left.

Reino's Ragu Back in Stock

Details here

New "Real Men Wear Black" Parts

Details here


Details here

Metric Fasteners Now From X Factory

Includes metric box of bolts!

Exclusive Carbon Fiber Key Chain!

Find all the details here!

X Factory Releases Hub Camber Plates

Find all the details here!

Best Prices on Bearings!

Following the release of the K021, X Factory has introduced the bearings used into their parts line, at some dynomite prices. Find more information with a click, and find the bearings on the "Parts" page under hardware.

X Factory Bearings Are Here!

Find great prices on all the commonly-used bearings. Standard wheel bearings are just 4 for $3.99! Check it all out in the hardware section!

DDP Torx Screws Back in Stock!

Find them on BK's DDP Store!

XF 5800 C-CVD's Here!

The perfect CVD driveshafts for the X - 62. These CVD's include the longer XF 5661 axle and spacer which allow you to run more droop. Additionally, they're the new capture ring C-CVD style, with MIP's latest white delrin rings. Find the CVD's here!

DMS Machined Spur Gears Here!

These CNC Machined spurs run truer than the molded AE pieces for a quieter mesh and longer life. They also come in a greater range, including the ultra-low 70 tooth spur, perfect for stock-motor racing. Find them here.

Black Annodized Servo Mounts!

Aluminum servo mounts fit the X - 6 Squared, X - 60, and the Associated B4 and T4. More info and pics coming soon, find them on our store here.

ES 001 Camberlink Hangers back in stock!

Plastic X - 62 Chassis!

New chassis material for your favorite mid-motored buggy allows more flex for a more forgiving, settled car. Read all about it here.

DDP Motor Plates!

Awesome new motor plates for your X - 6 Squared or X - 60. Annodized in Dirt's trademark blue with silver cooling slots machined in. Find 'em on Dirts Page!

DDP Shim Kits Available!

To help you build the most dialed car you can, the Dirtinator has put together a small package of thin shims perfect for eliminating every bit of play from your car's suspension. Each package is only $5.99! Check out all the details!

"Quick Change" Battery Strap!

X Factory, responding to input from customers, releases a kit to allow faster removal of the batteries from the X – 6 Squared and X – 60 without damaging the chassis. Click for all the info you need or just click to buy!

X - 6 Squared's Now Available!

Check out all the information on the updated parts!
Find the Conversion Kit here and all the spares here.

DDP Transmission Brace Here!

Carbon Fiber piece links the transmission case and battery strap to help reduce flex in the X - 6 Squared and X - 60. Click for all the info you need!


The rear shocktowers are here at last! Orders are shipping as fast as possible! Get yours today!


Read all about it here!

DDP Tire Mounting Cleaner

Great stuff cleans tires and rims before you mount them up for a super-strong glue bond. Check out all the details here!

X Factory Big Blue Towels Now Here!

Best hand towel for use in the pits - big, absorbant, and lint free. Find
out all you need to know with a click!

Best Price on Standard Socket-Head Hardware!

Large Packs of screws, washers, and nuts now here for the
extremely low price of $1.59/pack. Check them out here!

J Concepts Tires In Stock!

J Concepts awesome spoked wheels are also back in stock!
Check out the info here or find them for purchase in our
store (scroll down).

Reino's Traction Compounds Here!

Great Traction Addative and Conditioner for On- and Off-Road
Click for more information!

Dirtz Dialed Partz Are Here!

An All New Line of Parts & Tools
Straight From the Kinwald Pits!
More Info; Find the Parts here!


Best boxes around to organize bolts, shims, and small parts.
Available With Drivers' Signature & Paint Scheme
Details on Racer Boxes Here.
Or Pick A Driver's theme and purchase with a click.


Independant Agency Now Scans Our Store 10,000 Times
Per Week To Assure Your Security. More Details Here.